World Aids Day

We celebrate 1st December with the theme: “Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and impact” and most of us have been affected by this virus in one way or the other. Its our role to ensure that we don’t spread the virus but rather prevent the transmission by avoiding things that expose us and our loved ones.

There are acts we should pay close attention to in order to achieve this year’s theme and this starts from knowing one’s status. The strongest weapon one can and will ever have is knowing his/her status.

To parents, lets involve our children into this struggle by equipping them with knowledge about the virus. Keep a keen eye on your child, listen to them and teach them as much as you can. It is important for your child to confide in you and to know that you can be a reliable source of information and they can approach you for any question regarding the disease. It is also up to us parents to protect the children from early marriages and exposure to danger.

To the youths, protection comes first before pleasure. Take charge of your life because you have just one. Abstain. If found in position where you are unable to, use condoms or reach out to any facility or DIC for PrEP which is the new preventive measure. If you find yourself exposed to the risk of contracting the disease, reach out to us for PEP within the first 72hours.

If you are living a positive life, having HIV is not a death sentence. Adherence is very important. Swallow your medicine religiously. We are with you every step of the journey. You can still achieve everything you have always wanted to and still be able to enjoy this life. Your life matters. Take charge of your life.

It takes an army to fight this epidemic and your are the army. It starts with you and your family then the entire world at large.

Reach out to us for information, guidance, testing, preventive equipment and counseling.



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